Faith is an Act 3 companion quest for Sebastian in Dragon Age II. It requires The Exiled Prince DLC.

Acquisition Edit

This quest is acquired at the beginning of Act 3, regardless of whether or not Sebastian has been recruited.

Walkthrough Edit

Head over to the Chantry and talk to Sebastian. He will be discussing the situation with the mages with Grand Cleric Elthina. Elthina will ask you and Sebastian to talk to an agent of the Divine named Sister Nightingale and tell her that the situation in Kirkwall is not as bad as it seems.

  • Tell Elthina you will meet with the agent ("Of course."). Sebastian: Friendship small (+10)
  • Tell Elthina you will go right away. Sebastian: Friendship small (+15)
  • If Anders is in the party and you refuse to get involved ("But they are needed"), he will disapprove. Anders: Rivalry small (+10)
Resolutionst in throne room

A Resolutionist blood mage

Make your way to the Viscount's Keep at night and enter the Throne room (a rogue will be required to unlock the simple doors - 10 Cunning - 50 XP). Defeat the Blood Mages and the demons. This will initiate a scene where Sister Nightingale reveals herself. She tells you that Grand Cleric Elthina is in grave danger and wants you to tell her that it is best if she left Kirkwall to some place safer.

  • If you tell Sister Nightingale "It's not that bad." Sebastian: Friendship small (+15), Fenris: Rivalry small (+5) Aveline: Friendship small (+5)
  • If you tell Sister Nightingale "It's time for holy war." Sebastian:Rivalry small (+15), Fenris: Friendship small (+5)
  • Choosing all diplomatic responses when replying to Sister Nightingale. Anders: Friendship small (+10)

You will automatically get two Codex entries as a result of this conversation:

Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: Leliana
Codex icon DA2 Codex entry: The Resolutionists

Return to the Chantry and talk to the Grand Cleric.

  • When you return to the grand cleric and only choose humorous/sarcastic options you will gain Sebastian:Friendship small (+10)
  • Choosing only direct/aggressive options you will gain Sebastian:Rivalry small (+15)

If Leliana "died" Edit

If Leliana was killed in Origins, she still appears in the quest. If Hawke asks about the rumor about her death, Leliana will state that "It wasn't yet my time."

Notes Edit

  • If the Hero of Ferelden had a "romantic" encounter with Isabela and Leliana at the Pearl (and you import your save game) bringing Isabela will result in a cheek blushing (on Leliana's part) reunion between the two, and humorous reactions from Varric or Merrill if they're present.

Result Edit

Grand Cleric Elthina will refuse to leave. You can respond by:

  • Telling Elthina to think about it. (Diplomatic) Sebastian: Friendship small (+15)
  • Commenting that you don't hear that quite often. (Witty) Sebastian: Friendship small (+10)
  • Telling her that she has been warned. (Aggressive) Sebastian: Rivalry small (+15)

Rewards Edit

  • 1650 XP for the fight at the Viscount's Keep and 1500 XP upon quest completion
  • 15DAO goldpiece trans from Grand Cleric Elthina
  • Heavy gloves green DA2 Ser Maura's GauntletsSer Maura's Gauntlets
    Heavy gloves
    Requires: 32 strength
    18 constitution

    Armor: 87
    Rune slot Rune slot
    +1 strength
    +9 armor
    +3% physical damage
  • Dagger green DA2 The Low BladeThe Low Blade
    Requires: Dual Weapon
    42 dexterity

    Damage: 44 nature damage
    (81 per second)
    Rune slot Rune slot
    +10% critical damage
    +3% attack speed
    25% chance to reduce attack speed
    25% chance to reduce movement speed
  • Amulet green DA2 Jewel of the EtherJewel of the Ether

    +1 willpower
    +42 health
    +9% magic resistance
  • Light helmet green DA2 The Resolutionist's CapThe Resolutionist's Cap
    Light helmet
    Requires: 32 magic
    18 willpower

    Armor: 123
    Rune slot Rune slot
    +1 magic
    +4 mana/stamina regeneration rate
  • Shield green DA2 Mage's FriendMage's Friend
    Metal shield
    Requires: 32 strength
    18 constitution
    Weapon and Shield

    Armor: 271
    Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
    +17% magic resistance
  • Random loot from the fight

Bugs Edit

  • A dialogue bug will occur where Hawke has seemed to forget that he/she had met Leliana (Sister Nightingale) during the Mark of the Assassin DLC, where the dialogue choice "And you are?" is presented upon meeting Leliana in the keep. If you completed Mark of the Assassin DLC prior to this, it will not be accounted for.
  • Although it doesn't show up on the city map, it is possible to enter the Viscount's Keep at night as long as this quest is not yet completed, regardless of which part of the quest you're currently actually at. This means it is possible to enter the Keep and subsequently the throne room and go through the entire encounter without having talked with Sebastian in the chantry and gone through the introduction part of the quest. What's more, it is impossible to leave the Viscount's Keep after entering until you've completed the encounter in the throne room. After meeting with "Sister Nightingale," the quest will simply update with the next part of the process, completely skipping the introduction.
  • Prior to patch 1.03, romance flag didn't work properly if you imported from the expansions or DLC, so Leliana wouldn't mention her romance with the Warden.
  • The conversation with Leliana may get stuck on the loading screen after all the mages are dead.
    • pcIcon pc You can skip to the dialogue with Elthina via the console using the debug script. Open the console and type runscript zz_seb_debug. Select "Faith — Act II" then "Return to Elthina." Trying to do this within the short timespan between the end of the battle but before the cutscene fires seems to result in getting stuck in the loading screen after completing the console commands.
    • A full workaround has been discovered however that allows you to not miss anything or use the console commands (see also Repentance in Act 2). You must enter your Dragon Age II program folder and temporarily delete the patch folder under GameFolder\Addins\da2_prc_drk\module as that's where the interference lies. Then, after completing Faith, restore the patch folder. The source of this information is at Freezing issue in The Exiled Prince DLC