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Fade Cloak is a mage ability from the Knight-Enchanter specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

  • Duration: 2 Seconds
  • Cooldown Time: 12 Seconds
  • Cost: 20 Mana

Upgrades Edit

Fade Cloak icon Decloaking Blast
Requires: Fade Cloak
If you rematerialize inside an enemy, the foe is blasted back with massive force.

Spirit Damage: 1,000% weapon damage
Fade Cloak icon Enduring Cloak
Requires: Trespasser
The lower the charge on your Spirit Blade, the longer Fade Cloak lasts.

Crafting materials Edit

Name Tier Effect Acquisition
Fade-Touched Silk (Fade Cloak) 1 2% chance to cast Fade Cloak on a hit.
Fade-Touched Silk Brocade (Fade Cloak) 2 5% chance to cast Fade Cloak on a hit
Fade-Touched Royale Sea Silk (Fade Cloak) 3 10% chance to cast Fade Cloak on a hit.

Notes Edit

  • Fade Cloak can be cast to avoid or recover from most disabling conditions, except for frozen effect (e.g. icy Full Draw from archers in Jaws of Hakkon).

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