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Fade Burst is a warrior talent from the Spirit Warrior specialization in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Information Edit

  • Area of effect: 7.5 m radius self-centered sphere.
  • Deals 52.5*(1 + 0.01*[Willpower - 10]) spirit damage.
  • Deals double damage to spirits, demons and undead.
  • Deals half of the normal (i.e. non-undead/demon) damage to the Warden and normal amount to companions in AoE, including the activating warrior.
  • Conjuration time: 2s.
  • The warrior also gains a permanent +5% spirit damage bonus.

Notes Edit

  • Activation base is in stamina and values vary with fatigue%.
  • Being stunned, knocked back, etc. will cancel the attack while wasting the considerable stamina which the ability takes.

See also Edit

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