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Fade-Touched Dawnstone (Walking Fortress) is a crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

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Fade-Touched Paragons Luster (Walking Fortress) Fade-Touched Paragon's Luster (Walking Fortress)Fade-Touched Paragon's Luster (Walking Fortress)
Tier 2 – (10% chance to grant 3 seconds of Walking Fortress)
Fade-Touched Everite icon Fade-Touched Everite (Walking Fortress)Fade-Touched Everite (Walking Fortress)
Tier 3 – (10% chance to grant 5 seconds of Walking Fortress)


  • This item is bugged. While the inventory description says it grants only 3 seconds of Walking Fortress, its actual benefit, as listed in the crafting interface, is 5 seconds of Walking Fortress.

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