Expensive Dog Treats is an valuable in the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

  • 10 Expensive Dog Treats are scattered across the Winter Palace. Once acquired place them in the basket next to Cullen and the Mabari.

Notes Edit

  • This item is used in the unmarked quest Expensive Bones.
  • +1 constitution awarded for every Expensive Dog Treats turned in.
  • Cudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon Queen icon Cudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon QueenCudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon Queen
    Unique Mace
    "No, no, of course, it is the surest folly to use these creatures as a weapon. It is absurd. It is madness. But what if the bees were FADE-TOUCHED?"—Enchanter Scarjeau, Imperial Apiarist

    Damage: 148-153
    +14 Attack
    +7% Critical Chance
    +12% Critical Damage Bonus
    On Hit: Chance to inflict Bees! on target
    awarded for all 10 treats turned in.