Expensive Bones is an unmarked side quest in the Trespasser DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to Cullen at the Winter Palace and find the first Expensive Dog Treats. Cullen can be conversed however only if he stopped taking lyrium during Perseverance quest in the base game. If he continues taking lyrium the quest can be completed only after the first Exalted Council meeting is held.

Walkthrough Edit

Find all 10 Expensive Dog Treats and put them in the basket next to Cullen and his Mabari

Expensive Dog Treat Locations

Location of the expensive dog treats

  1. A treat can be found in the shop of the Winter Palace Merchant on a lower shelf.
  2. A treat be found on the balcony to the east of the main door in some flowers.
  3. A treat can be found in the storage room to the west of the main door through the hall in the back of the room.
  4. A treat can be found on a bench across from a wall fountain near the Half-Finished Poem codex.
  5. A treat can be found in the northwestern courtyard in a corner by a statue.
  6. A treat can be found on a barrel by a cart outside the Foundry.
  7. A treat can be found in the southwest corner of the southwest courtyard.
  8. A treat can be found in the northeastern courtyard on a white couch.
  9. A treat can be found on a white couch in the northeastern-most corner of the map.
  10. A treat can be found in a flowerpot above the baths.

Rewards Edit

  • +1 constitution awarded for every Expensive Dog Treats turned in.
  • Cudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon Queen icon Cudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon QueenCudgel of the Gold-and-Ebon Queen
    Unique Mace
    "No, no, of course, it is the surest folly to use these creatures as a weapon. It is absurd. It is madness. But what if the bees were FADE-TOUCHED?"—Enchanter Scarjeau, Imperial Apiarist

    Damage: 148-153
    +14 Attack
    +7% Critical Chance
    +12% Critical Damage Bonus
    On Hit: Chance to inflict Bees! on target
    awarded for all 10 treats turned in.