Event: The Chantry, Unsealed is an event Divine's Feast card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. It only occurs if The Sealed Chantry was broken into.

Description Edit

A Templar enters the hall; a grey-whiskered veteran whose limp does not slow him. Where has he been? He bows before the Divine, low enough to expose his bald plate. "Most Holy, I have investigated the seals on Serault's Chantry. They have been tampered with. The Chantry has been opened!"

The Divine is furious.

Available actions Edit

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Protest your innocence
What would be the most believable? Thieves? A rival's trick intended to discredit you? The truth, prettily dressed?
Difficulty: Cunning*1
Success: The Divine believes your innocence. The feast continues.


Admit It
You tire of this.
Result: The Divine is outraged and leaves! Serault's shame will continue, perhaps forever.


Throw yourself on the Divine's mercy. Invoke a scriptural case for fogiveness.
Difficulty: Scholarship*?
Success: The Divine forgives you. The feast continues. -7 Secret, -2 Trophy, -2 Viand


Hand over the imprisoned Anchoress
You explain you had to enter the Chantry in pursuit of a dangerous apostate. No less than the Shame's own daughter.
Requires: The Anchoress must be imprisoned.
Result: The Anchoress is taken away to be made Tranquil, the Divine accepts your explanation and the feast continues.