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Evasion is a rogue talent from the Below the Belt tree in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

Grants +20% Chance to Dodge, +20% Resist Stun/Knockdown.

Notes Edit

  • This passive is quite a mixed bag due to the attack animation interrupts it forces. In this respect, 20% dodge provided by this ability is radically different from 20% dodge from any other source. In fact, it's doubtful whether these two kinds of dodge should be considered the same mechanic. Whenever a character successfully dodges an attack with Talent-Evasion icon Evasion, attack animation interrupt is always forced and an Talent-Evasion icon Evasion effect icon briefly appears; on the other hand, whenever a character successfully dodges an attack with, for instance, Massive boots red Cailan's GreavesCailan's Greaves
    Massive boots
    Varies (Tier 5-7)
    Requires: 36-42 strength

    Armor: 2.70-3.75
    Fatigue: 3.60-3.90%
    +1 armor
    +20% chance to dodge attacks
    , there is no animation interrupt, and no status icon, just no damage is dealt. This is clearly demonstrated in these two videos: Evasion (20% dodge) vs Cailan's Greaves (20% dodge).
  • +20% Resist Stun/Knockdown needs a clarification. It's not a physical resistance bonus, it's a flat 20% chance to ignore any stun/knockdown effect. Normally unresistible abilities like Ogre Ram Ram and Talent arch scattershot Scattershot may be resisted this way.
  • The effect adds to displacement property, and is stackable with other sources, such as from items. While chance to dodge is 20%, the chance to play the interruption animation is only 15%, regardless of how much the property is stacked:
    • With just Evasion and no other sources of Chance to Dodge, you have a 5% chance to dodge without interruption and a 15% chance to dodge with interruption.
    • With Evasion and Cailan's Greaves (adds 20%), you have a 25% chance to dodge without interruption and a 15% chance to dodge with interruption.
  • There is no interruption for resisting stun/knockdown.
  • It is quite easy to reach a high level of dodge for rogues in Dragon Age: Origins through gear and talents:

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