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Ethereal Lyrium Potion is a potion in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. It instantly restores some of the user's mana, however it exists and can be consumed only in the Fade. It is lost after you return from it.

Acquisition Edit

It can only be looted from the Shades found in the Blackmarsh Undying during the quest Shadows of the Blackmarsh.

See alsoEdit

Ethereal Health Poultice Ethereal Health PoulticeEthereal Health Poultice
A skilled herbalist has rendered a variety of medicinal ingredients into this soothing, restorative substance. This exists only in the Fade.
Ethereal Stamina Draught Ethereal Stamina DraughtEthereal Stamina Draught
A single sip of this liquid is surprisingly reinvigorating. This exists only in the Fade.

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