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Entropic Death is a spell combination in Dragon Age: Origins.

Information Edit

Conditions/Spells: Death Hex + Death Cloud

  • If a target afflicted with Death Hex enters the Death Cloud, the hex is dispelled and the target suffers Entropic Death, dealing (200 + 2 * spellpower) spirit damage instantly.
  • Friendly fire possible.

Notes Edit

  • Some elite bosses can resist this effect, and only take normal damage from death cloud.
  • You can easily unlock the "Heavy Hitter" achievement with this spell combination.
  • Death Hex is dispelled by applying the combination while Death Cloud remains active. Thus you can also hit a single target multiple times provided you have more than one mage able to cast Death Hex in your party. Resetting the spell timer also works.
  • If both spells are cast by different mages, the damage is determined by the spellpower of the one that cast Death Cloud. The kill will also be assigned to him/her.

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