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Entropic Cloud is a mage spell from the Entropy tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Enemy attack: -25%
  • Enemy Defense: -25%
  • Sleep Chance: 10% vs normal enemies
  • Stun chance: 25% vs normal enemies

Upgrade Edit

Entropic Cloud Death Cloud
Requires: Level 12
Requires:6 points in Entropy
The cloud now inherits lesser forms of the upgrades to spells in this school, regardless of whether the mage has learned them.

Spirit damage: 0.2x every 2s

Enemy attack speed: -50%
Enemy movement speed: -50%
Enemy damage resistance: -25%
Paralyze chance: 100% vs sleeping targets

Notes Edit

  • This spell inflicts friendly fire on Nightmare difficulty.
  • ps3Icon ps3 Not all debuffs are applied. This also applies to the upgrade.

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