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Entering Jarvia's Hideout

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Jarvia said you were looking for trouble. Congratulations, you found it. ―Thug Leader

Entering Jarvia's Hideout

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Entering Jarvia's Hideout is a quest in Orzammar in which the Warden must gain entrance to the Carta Hideout and eliminate one of the most feared criminals in Orzammar, Jarvia. It is started either after completing A Prince's Favor: The First Task or A Lord's Trust: The First Task. This is part of the A Paragon of Her Kind quest. If siding with Bhelen, this quest will be part under A Prince's Favor: The Second Task; if siding with Harrowmont, it will be under A Lord's Trust: The Second Task.

Walkthrough Edit

Figor and Carta Edit

Once the Warden receives the quest from either Pyral Harrowmont or Bhelen Aeducan and leave the Diamond Quarter, they will notice once they enter the Commons, in front of Figor's Imports, a group of casteless dwarves led by Roggar harassing Figor. Interaction with any of them is not possible at this point, and after a short conversation, all of them enter Figor's Imports. If the Warden enters the shop before they deal with Jarvia, and approaches the dwarves, then Roggar will try to extort the Warden for 10DAO goldpiece trans while Figor will ask the Warden to not get involved in this as they don't know what kind of people they are.

The Warden can pay the money, refuse, or intimidate Roggar (this requires two points in Coercion). A Warden of Dwarf Commoner Origin requires no points in Coercion, as the intimidation will cause Roggar to recognize them which will be enough to make him and his men flee while warning them that Jarvia is looking for them, in order to exact revenge for Beraht's death.

Failing the intimidation or choosing to refuse to pay will cause the thugs to attack and be killed. This, however, will cause Figor to permanently flee for fear of retaliation. He will not return, leaving his shop inaccessible for the rest of the game. Alternatively, paying for the extortion or successfully intimidating the thugs will provide access to Figor's shop. The latter will also earn the merchant's gratitude. If the Warden deals with Jarvia before ever entering Figor's store, there will be no thug encounter and he will trade normally.

Part I Edit

Entering Jarvia's Hideout

H entropyoa 0

Heraldry of the Carta

  • If the Warden is a Dwarven Commoner, Leske will be near the camp-fire in Dust Town and can direct the Warden to the Dust Town Home. Otherwise, the Warden will need information from Alimar or Nadezda. Rogek can also be asked provided that the quest Precious Metals isn't started and he hasn't left his corner where he stands.
    Alimar's tip is useless since it does not update the quest. If Rogek is paid 5DAO silverpiece trans, he will give the same information as Alimar, but if given 15DAO goldpiece trans or by accepting his deal to purchase his lyrium for 50DAO goldpiece trans, then he will provide information about the tokens as well. Nadezda will provide useful information and the Warden can decide to pay her 5DAO silverpiece trans, 10DAO silverpiece trans or not at all.
Bug icon Bug! pcIcon pcThe conversation with Leske may automatically start again right after it's finished.
Bug icon Bug! If a Dwarf Commoner Warden passes Leske from the sides of the road and does not speak with him and instead speaks with Nadezda, when the conversation with Nadezda finishes, a conversation with Leske will automatically start.

After getting a tip about the special token (the journal will update), enter the Dust Town Home for the same encounter as if a Dwarven Commoner. Prior to getting a tip from either Nadezda or Rogek, the home will be empty.

  • Locate and enter the Dust Town Home.
    • You will be attacked by Jarvia's thugs. Focus your party's attention on the leader and the fight will end quickly.
    • He will plead for his life. In exchange for not killing him, he will offer you the Finger Bone Token in order to enter Carta's base. There is no benefit for letting him go and you gain combat xp if you decide to kill the thugs.
    • You may decide to spare or kill him, after which you may leave, then head east toward the Suspicious Door.
Note: When the fight stops, if playing as a Dwarf Commoner Warden, the thug leader will say that Leske sent him. Then the Warden can make more questions, or intimidate him to tell everything he knows. The intimidation option requires Expert Coercion while making more questions will reveal a persuade option to tell everything he knows which requires Improved Coercion. If the intimidation fails, the thugs will continue the fight. If the persuasion fails, there is the intimidation option and another option in which you get the key but let them leave without giving you more information. This lack of information does not have any impact on the walkthrough afterwards.
  • Once at the Suspicious Door, the Warden may then interact with it, initiating a dialogue scene. Insert the token into the hole and the door will open.
  • Once inside the Carta Hideout, you will be greeted by a doorman who will initiate a small dialogue scene, only to attack you shortly after. Kill him and begin moving through the Carta.

This ends the quest Entering Jarvia's Hideout.

Part II Edit

For a map and overview of the area, see Carta Hideout.

A Prince's Favor: The Second Task or A Lord's Trust: The Second Task

Now you are inside there is the matter of the second task.

  • There are many rooms and doors with several thugs within and most will have Chests and Barrels with loot in them.
  • As well as much loot, you may also begin the Jammer's Stash Side-Quest. In addition to this quest, there is a Jail room where you will find the character Leske, who you may free by killing the Jailor and taking his key. (Leske is only imprisoned here if you are not a Dwarf Commoner; if that is the case, the would-be Dwarven Commoner Warden's corpse is seen in the other cell)
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  • After making it to the heart of the Carta Hideout, you will find Jarvia who initiates another short dialogue scene. (If playing as the Dwarf Commoner, Leske will be there as her lieutenant.) When the battle initiates, several Carta Assassins will appear to aid her.
    • If you are intending to double-cross Bhelen and have obtained the Shifting Allegiances quest from Dulin, then the Incriminating Evidence needed to complete this quest can be found in a chest towards the back of the room where Jarvia is confronted.This will add +1 support for Harrowmont.
    • If you are intending to double-cross Harrowmont and have obtained the Betrayed from Within quest, then be sure to plant the Forged Documents in the chest with the quest marker before leaving. This will add +1 support for Bhelen.
  • Killing Jarvia will add +3 support for your chosen candidate.
  • After exiting the hideout, you will emerge in Janar Armorers. Janar himself will not be happy about the hole you made in his wall.
  • If you go to Dust Town there are 3 Jarvia Supporters south of Nadezda. They do not attack unless you talk to them.
  • Take the news of Jarvia's death to either Bhelen Aeducan or Lord Pyral Harrowmont - depending on who requested the task - to complete the quest.

Result Edit

Note: You also get a new quest, A Paragon of Her Kind, but this is a different quest than the treaty quest A Paragon of Her Kind. This quest's end goal is to find Branka while the treaty quest's end goal is getting the Dwarves' support from the treaty.
  • 1750 XP, upon reporting back to either Prince Bhelen or Lord Harrowmont.
  • Remember to report back to either Dulin with the incriminating evidence or Vartag about planting documents, to complete Shifting Allegiances or Betrayed from Within, respectively, if relevant.

Bugs Edit

  • If Betrayed from Within was obtained and the Warden planted incriminating evidence, Lord Pyral Harrowmont will give the quest A Lord's Favor: The Third Task but A Lord's Trust: The Second Task will not register as completed. Workaround requires talking to Lord Pyral Harrowmont prior to planting the incriminating evidence. After the conversation and planting the evidence, Vartag is the next person to talk to, who will now be in Royal Palace.
  • If the Warden doesn't listen to the Thugs Leader and just decides to kill him, he sometimes does not drop the finger bone, leading to a game-ending glitch with no way to enter the Hideout. The only solution is to load an earlier save.
  • Alimar can be persuaded to give up the information on Jarvia if the Warden offers him silver. He asks for DAO silverpiece35, but what is actually given is DAO bronzepiece35, or DAO bronzepiece20 if intimidated.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360 If both Bhelen and Harrowmont were at least once double-crossed, either after the first or the second task, the Warden will be presented with both options at the chest: to plant the evidence for Bhelen, and to get proof that Bhelen ordered attack on his brother. However, the Warden can only hear about either planting or getting the evidence, never both, and this happens despite the fact the Warden was never given the appropriate quest.
  • Sometimes if your stand in just the right spot towards where you find Pique's box, you will be suddenly stopped, then find yourself randomly entering Jarvia's room without going through other rooms.

Exploits Edit

  • If the Dwarf Commoner Warden obtains the information on how to get into the Carta base from Rogek and without talking to Leske, they confront the Carta thugs in their former home, then the Carta thug leader will normally point out that Leske was behind this trap. However, after exiting the home and talking to Leske, you have no option to confront him about it.

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