I permit no more than one copy of any book in my library. Thus, by committing a book to the flames, I ensure that its knowledge will not survive me. I may have to murder other readers, of course, but sin is a small price for mystery. ―the Shame of Serault

Enlightenment is a basic action card in Dragon Age: The Last Court. Not all associated actions are available every draw.

Description Edit

Since its Shame, Serault has become a refuge for the unloved, the unstable, the unwary. With odd folk come odd ideas. Radical thought is common across Serault, from her parlors to her pig-pens.

Available actions Edit


A rootless scholar begs your patronage
His face is pale. His cloak is sodden. A dozen other houses have turned him away.
+2 Rumors of Revolution
A Travelling Scholar


Returning to the castle, you see a crowd gathering in the plaza
A young man - his voice passionate, his gestures wild - addresses them from the top of a cart.
+2 Rumors of Revolution
A Voice in the Plaza


A commotion in the plaza
A mob is gathering. Clenched fists. Narrowed eyes. "Justice!" They scream. "Justice!"
The Lynching


Graffiti covers the walls of every house on the plaza
Your town looks as painted as a waning courtesan.
-2 Dignity


Put down a rebellion
(Requires 100 Rumors of Revolution to unlock)
The peasants are on the verge of open revolt. If the revolution is not quashed, Serault will burn.
If you succeed you will gain a Secret and drastically reduce Rumors of Revolution.
Difficulty: Cunning*6/7
Success: +1 Secret, -50 Rumors of Revolution, -25 Clues
Failure: -20 Rumors of Revolution, -50 Health