Endrin Stonehammer was a Paragon and King of the dwarven empire.

Early days of the dwarven empire Edit

Endrin Stonehammer holds a position of legendary respect and reverence amongst the dwarven people. Working in concert with the renowned king and later Paragon Orseck Garal, they laid the foundation for the present dwarven kingdom.[1] When the Tevinter Imperium rose to power, the Archon Darinius ventured into the Deep Roads to forge an alliance with the dwarven leaders.[2] Stonehammer granted the magister a sweeping covenant and trade flourished between the dwarven kingdom and the Tevinter capital of Minrathous.

In time Garal moved the capital from Kal-Sharok to Orzammar,[3] ostensibly to oversee the commercial interests of the kingdom, though it may truly have been to escape the brewing tension and battling over succession in the Tevinter Imperium following the death of Darinius.[4]

When Garal died, Stonehammer was named his heir.[5]

Becoming Paragon Edit

Following Garal's death, Stonehammer took the mantle of king of the dwarven people, expanding Orzammar, building Stonehammer Hall, and reorganizing The Provings to allow for more massive tournaments. Paragons began to be named from winners of Grand Provings around -1170 Ancient. Stonehammer was not named a Paragon until -1131 Ancient,[6] on his deathbed, passing away before his own ancestral statue was completed. Stonehammer is known as the First Paragon.[7] His last act as king and only act as Paragon was to name his ally Orseck Garal a Paragon as well.[5]

Influence on the Tevinter Imperium Edit

Stonehammer's presence in the Imperium, and the alliance of the dwarven people with the magisters, created a bond that exists to this day. Based primarily on the mutually profitable lyrium trade, dwarves hold a unique position in the Tevinter Imperium due to the covenant Stonehammer created with Darinius, existing as foreign dignitaries rather than citizens but with a voice in government through the dwarven Ambassadoria. Dwarven embassies exist in many cities in the Imperium with the greatest of them in Minrathous, housed in what was once the guest house of Stonehammer himself.[8]

Lore discrepancies Edit

There is a discrepancy in regard to the contributions of Paragons Garal and Stonehammer. According to Codex entry: Orzammar History: Chapter One Orseck Garal moved the capital to Orzammar, while in Dragon Age: The World of Thedas Volume 1, Stonehammer is credited with having done so. The truth likely lies somewhere between, with King Orseck Garal giving the decree and Stonehammer enforcing it.[5]

See also Edit

Ico mace Endrin's MaceEndrin's Mace
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 28 strength

Damage: 7.50
Critical chance: 0.75%
Armor penetration: 7.00
Strength modifier: 1.00
Rune slot Rune slot
+15% cold resistance
+10 mental resistance
Ico ring Imperium ring setImperium ring set
Item set

+4 strength
+3 cunning

-1 cunning
-1 strength

Set: +2 armor
Armor set bonus Stonehammer's GiftStonehammer's Gift
Requires: Warrior
25 strength
15 constitution

Armor: 426
Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
+80 health
+204 attack
+2% critical chance
+2 strength
+3% armor

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