Endrin Stonehammer was a Paragon and King of the Dwarven Empire.[1] He is known as the First Paragon[2] and he is considered to be the most famous of all.[3]

Background Edit

Endrin Stonehammer rose to prominence when his friend and ally Orseck Garal died and he succeeded him as the new ruler of the empire. At that time the dwarven empire spanned the length and breadth of Thedas, encompassed by innumerable thaigs.[4] During his reign, Archon Darinius ventured into the dwarven realm and forged a trade alliance with King Stonehammer in -1205 Ancient (-5 TE).[5] As a symbol of their pact Endrin Stonehammer gave the Archon a pair of rings, Dawn and Dusk[6] and attended the first match of the Grand Proving arena in Minrathous.[7]

At -1170 Ancient (25 TE)[8], because of Kal-Sharok's close proximity to Tevinter Imperium, Endrin Stonehammer moved the capital of the empire to Orzammar as a result of the internal turmoil caused in the Imperium following Darinius' death[9] and also to boost commerce with the surface.[4] While Stonehammer is credited with moving the capital, some argue that the matter was originally put forth the Assembly by his predecessor and Stonehammer merely enforced the decree.[5]

During his reign, Stonehammer expanded Orzammar which was the new capital of the empire, building the legendary Stonehammer Hall, and reorganizing the Orzammar Proving to allow for more massive tournaments. Paragons began to be named from winners of Orzammar's Grand Provings around -1170 Ancient.

At -1131 Ancient (64 TE) Endrin Stonehammer was named Paragon on his deathbed. In his first and only act as Paragon was to name his late friend Orseck Garal as Paragon as well.[5]

Legacy Edit

Endrin Stonehammer ruled the empire for at least 70 years. He and his predecessor are credited with creating the special bond between the dwarven people and the Imperium which has endured for more than two millennia. Based primarily on the mutually profitable lyrium trade, dwarves hold a unique position in Tevinter due to the covenant Stonehammer created with Darinius, existing as foreign dignitaries rather than citizens but with a voice in government through the dwarven Ambassadoria. Dwarven embassies exist in many cities in the Imperium with the greatest of them located in Minrathous, housed in what was once the guest house of Stonehammer himself.[10]

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Ico mace Endrin's MaceEndrin's Mace
Silverite (Tier 6)
Requires: 28 strength

Damage: 7.50
Critical chance: 0.75%
Armor penetration: 7.00
Strength modifier: 1.00
Rune slot Rune slot
+15% cold resistance
+10 mental resistance
Ico ring Imperium ring setImperium ring set
Item set

+4 strength
+3 cunning

-1 cunning
-1 strength

Set: +2 armor
Armor set bonus Stonehammer's GiftStonehammer's Gift
Requires: Warrior
25 strength
15 constitution

Armor: 426
Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
+80 health
+204 attack
+2% critical chance
+2 strength
+3% armor
DAI statue2 The Paragon Stonehammer CarvingThe Paragon Stonehammer Carving

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