One of the stores in the Black Emporium offers a selection of unique weapons and accessories. The Black Emporium DLC and completion of the war table operation The Black Emporium is required to access the store.

Weapons Edit

Name Price
Earnest Reprisal
Tyrddas Staff icon Earnest ReprisalEarnest Reprisal
Unique Staff
Earnest Artelli lost his voice permanently due to a terrible fever during his tenure as Prelate of the Order of Mortalitasi in 7:45 Storm. This forced Artelli to find other ways to communicate with his fellow death mages, including writing on a small slate, hand gestures, and most frequently, angrily shaking his staff at subordinates who failed to attend to his instructions quickly enough. This last had the unintended consequence of occasionally setting fires in the vicinity; more than one acolyte fled the irritated prelate's offices with charred robes. By 7:47, every Mortalitasi in Nevarra knew to watch the prelate's staff for signs of Earnest's imminent reprisal.
Requires: Level 18

Damage: 76-77 Cold
+16 Spirit Damage
+8% Attack
+41% Critical Damage Bonus
+12 Magic
+8 Willpower
17148 Currency (Inquisition)
Demon's Advocate
DAI-Unique-Maul-icon Demon's AdvocateDemon's Advocate
Unique Maul
According to an old Avvar legend, a thane once had two daughters, both great warriors, who argued constantly about everything. If one thought it might rain, the other expected drought. Did the mountains rise up, or the sky slope down? Their debates were ceaseless and more often than not ended in blows.

At last, to have a moment's peace in the hold, the thane sent both daughters out to hunt a wyvern that stalked the mountainside, saying that they must not return until they agreed the beast was dead. So the daughters took up a great hammer and a two-handed blade and went into the deep forest to seek the beast's death.

So long did they wander, arguing about the color of the leaves and angles of the ground, that they forgot what they sought and whence they'd come. Their squabbling drove the wyvern away quite by accident, but the two went on hunting they knew not what, for they could not agree to stop.

They wander still, so the Avvar say. Though they found the daughter's great hammer and blade, no sign of the warriors themselves was ever discovered, save an occasional echo of dispute heard far off in the mountains.

Requires: Level 20

Damage: 304-316
+32% Attack
+19 Constitution
On kill: target explodes for 100% weapon damage
17148 Currency (Inquisition)
The Fowl Wind
DAI the fowl wind icon The Fowl WindThe Fowl Wind
Unique Bow
Ser Leonidas Pontival of Nordbotten, famed archer of the Anderfels and rumored to be one of the king's assassins, loved one thing and one thing only: ducks. Everything he owned was emblazoned with their image, from his armor to his underthings. The gardens on his estate held over forty duck ponds; entire migrations of mallards and teals would divert course hundreds of leagues to feed on his grounds.

The day he died, the massive flocks all took off from the grounds in a single movement, creating a great blizzard of shed feathers. When the down settled, no trace of the knight's estate remained save the smell.

Requires: Level 18

Damage: 162-168
+32 Damage vs. Living
+24 Cunning
+36% Heal on Kill
16508 Currency (Inquisition)
Misfortune's Bite
DAI-Unique-Axe-icon1 Misfortune's BiteMisfortune's Bite
Unique Axe
Ancient, yet still so sharp it could slice through a silk handkerchief tossed lightly upon its blade. Crafted by an Alamarri smith whose name is lost to time, the axe was wielded by dozens of men and women, all who met their downfall while in possession of it. Ulstor "Wolfhand" tripped on an exposed tree root and sliced his own throat. Lady Megana of Amaranthine slept with it under her blankets and rolled upon it in the night, gutting herself. Ser Phillipe d'Andelle nicked a thumb while testing its sharpness; thinking the injury inconsequential, he put it out of his mind, at least until the wound festered into a fatal poisoning of the blood. Bann Gilroy of West Hill raised it above his head at the climax of a speech to rally his men and was struck by a bolt of lightning out of a clear sky. Comtesse Simone of Savrenne believed she could circumvent ill luck by displaying the axe. It fell off its honored place above her mantel one night, cleaving her skull in two. Most now believe the weapon cursed; only the foolhardy dare dismiss the countless deaths and maimings as "mere accidents."
Requires: Level 18

Damage: 195-202
+16 Electricity Damage
+12% Armor Penetration
+3 Constitution
+21% Critical Chance
8572 Currency (Inquisition)
Aurora's Freedom
DAI-Unique-Dagger-icon2 Aurora's FreedomAurora's Freedom
Unique dagger
Aurora was a woman of Alamarri descent who lived in Minrathous at the height of the Imperium glory. She was born into slavery and bought by a powerful mage who became enchanted with her beauty and intelligence. The two eventually fell in love; the mage promised to free Aurora and marry her once he had earned a seat on the Magisterium. Aurora waited years for her mage, bowing to his every whim, but when he finally attained his coveted position, he broke his promise to Aurora and married a fellow altus magister. Aurora was given to the mage's bride as a gift, required to serve as her handmaid at the wedding. Heartbroken, Aurora resolved to take her life that night. The head of the mage's personal guard had watched their story unfold; her sympathies lay with Aurora, not the master she served. She convinced Aurora that it was the cruel, deceitful mage who deserved death and gave her a dagger that had been enchanted to addle the mind, making spellcasting impossible. Aurora killed the mage and his new wife as they slept, taking her revenge and her freedom in one night.
Requires: Level 18

Damage: 144-149
+8 Dexterity
+7% Flanking Damage Bonus
+12% Stagger on Hit
On Hit: Gain 3 Guard
8572 Currency (Inquisition)
Path to Glory
DAI-Unique-Shield-icon Path to GloryPath to Glory
Unique Shield
This shield bears the marks of the great smiths of Halamshiral, from the second and last elven kingdom. The gentle curves and knots in its design were made to evoke the beauty of nature, of leaves and petals. Inscribed on the shield's inner lip is the elven phrase "Suledin ghilana hanin." However, close inspection reveals inexpertly made scratches on the word "Suledin," proving that the phrase originally read "Sulevin ghilana hanin."
Requires: Level 18

Armor: 33
+30% Front Defense
+81 Maximum Health
10% chance to inflict Chain Lightning damage at 75% weapon power
7932 Currency (Inquisition)

Accessories Edit

Name Price
Defender Belt
Unique belt icon Defender BeltDefender Belt
Unique Belt

+5% Magic Defense
+5% Melee Defense
+5% Ranged Defense
17475 Currency (Inquisition)
Belt of the Elements
Unique belt icon Belt of the ElementsBelt of the Elements
Unique Belt

+15% Spirit Resistance
+15% Cold Resistance
+15% Electrical Resistance
+15% Fire Resistance
17475 Currency (Inquisition)
Belt of Life
Unique belt icon Belt of LifeBelt of Life
Unique Belt

+100 Maximum Health
+10% Heal Bonus
17475 Currency (Inquisition)
Amulet of the Warrior
Unique amulet icon Amulet of the WarriorAmulet of the Warrior
Unique Amulet

+5 Strength
+5 Constitution
17475 Currency (Inquisition)
Amulet of the Rogue
Unique amulet icon Amulet of the RogueAmulet of the Rogue
Unique Amulet

+5 Dexterity
+5 Cunning
15075 Currency (Inquisition)
Amulet of the Mage
Unique amulet icon Amulet of the MageAmulet of the Mage
Unique Amulet

+5 Magic
+5 Willpower
17475 Currency (Inquisition)
Ring of Smashing
Unique ring icon Ring of SmashingRing of Smashing
Unique Ring

+10% Armor Penetration
+10% Guard Damage Bonus
7139 Currency (Inquisition)
Ring of Slicing
Unique ring icon Ring of SlicingRing of Slicing
Unique Ring

+5% Critical Chance
+10% Critical Damage Bonus
7139 Currency (Inquisition)
Ring of Assault
Unique ring icon Ring of AssaultRing of Assault
Unique Ring

+5% Attack
+10% Barrier Damage Bonus
7139 Currency (Inquisition)