For the location in Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer, see Elven Ruins (Inquisition).
For the location in Trespasser, see Elven Ruins (Trespasser).

The Elven Ruins are an assemblage of dilapidated underground ruins within the Brecilian Forest with human architecture yet elven artifacts[1]. Statues of the old elvish gods, such as Falon'Din, the Friend of the Dead, still line the hallways as lifeless reminders of better days.

Involvement Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.
The Dalish Warden and Tamlen discover these ruins after hearing about them from some human scavengers. Within they locate an eluvian however when they approach it, Tamlen vanishes and Mahariel is rendered unconscious. Later, the Dalish Warden returns with Merrill and Fenarel and encounter Duncan who explains that the eluvian had been infected with the darkspawn taint and destroys it to ensure the eluvian harms no one else.
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for Witch Hunt.
Several years later, The Warden-Commander visits the ruins with Finn and Ariane to track down the remnants of the eluvian as a means to locate a connected eluvian elsewhere.

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Area Map of Elven Ruins: Starting location is at the far east of the map.

Dalish Elf Origin Edit

Ico Quest The Lost Mysteries of the Ancients

Witch Hunt Edit

Ico Quest In Search of Morrigan

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References Edit

  1. According to comments of both Tamlen and Merrill while inside the ruins