The Elven Mountain Ruins are ruins of an ancient elven dwelling hidden high in an unknown mountain range outside[1] Orlais. The main structure is on an island in the lake, while three large sentry towers are situated on nearby mountaintops.

Background Edit

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“I suspect you have questions.” — Solas
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In the time of Elvhenan the whole valley was a sanctuary created by Fen'Harel for elven slaves. It was guarded by his people. He rejected the divine mantle himself and taught the refugees the truth about the Evanuris, powerful mages who posed as gods. Fen'Harel removed the vallaslin that the Evanuris used to mark their slaves, and the freed elves then fought back against the pretender gods.[2]

Involvement Edit

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for Trespasser.

The Inquisitor enters one of the sentry towers through an eluvian while following the trail of a Qunari who was found dead in the Winter Palace. The bridge to the central island is broken, and the Inquisitor is left to search the three towers interconnected with eluvians for clues. More Qunari bodies in similar clothing lay around. They all appear to have been recently taken by surprise and killed by magic. Their notes are written half in Qunlat and half in the common tongue.

In the second tower the Inquisitor encounters elven spirits. If the Inquisitor drank from the Well of Sorrows, they know the secret greeting from those Fen'Harel trusted and can pass safely. Otherwise the spirits consider them intruders and engage in combat. The Inquisitor's Anchor interacts with veilfire-like mosaics in the towers. They disappear, revealing hidden passages and ancient memories of the place.

The Inquisitor's hand starts to hurt in the third tower near an elven device, and they acquire the Anchor Discharge ability. A small wolf statue nearby summons more spirits when touched. The statue fits into the pedestal by the bridge and allows to raise its missing section.

Qunari attack the Inquisitor on sight in the sanctuary behind the bridge. The Qunari themselves are fighting spirits as well. A large mural on the far wall of the building depicts Fen'Harel removing elven vallaslin. The statue of the Dread Wolf next to it guards a secret passage and moves when the Inquisitor solves a puzzle, a part of the "Lateral Thinker" achievement.

Hidden armory behind the last mosaic down below is also occupied by the Qunari. After they are defeated, the Inquisitor finds a plan of attack on the Winter Palace with a shock trooper. A note about an unknown intruder who awoke the spirits and fled lies nearby. With that knowledge, the Inquisitor departs for the palace.

Places Edit

  • Vine-Covered Tower
  • Bridge
  • Smoking Tower
  • Silent Tower
  • Forgotten Sanctuary
  • Hidden Armory

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Trespasser

Enemies Edit

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Notable items Edit

Unique belt icon Superb Belt of UrgencySuperb Belt of Urgency
Unique Belt
The wearer of this belt gains a large boost to Attack Speed when below 50% health.

+Attack Speed when below 50% health.
, Vine-Covered Tower
Unique belt icon Superb Belt of the Inferno PactSuperb Belt of the Inferno Pact
Unique Belt

Fire-based abilities are much more powerful at the cost of a large amount of health.
, Smoking Tower
Unique belt icon Superb Belt of the Storm PactSuperb Belt of the Storm Pact
Unique Belt

Electricity-based abilities are much more powerful at the cost of a large amount of health.
, Smoking Tower
Superb Dragon-Slaying Rune icon Sigil of FelandarisSigil of Felandaris

+100% Poison Damage
-50% Attack
, Forgotten Sanctuary
Arrowwood Icon ArrowwoodArrowwood
Unique Bow
An old Ciriane tale speaks of an archer named Arrowwood who traded his heart to the spirit of an oak grove to become the greatest archer in the world. He conquered a hundred keeps and slew the west wind with arrows that, once loosed, could never be stopped. Finally, Arrowwood shot the sun from the sky, turning day to night, and the gothi sent a messenger to seek out the Witch of the Arbor Wilds. Depending on the story's version, the messenger never found the witch and dealt with a demon instead, worked for the witch and her daughters for a year and a day, or made a bargain with the Lady of the Skies. In all tellings, the messenger received a coil of fine silk, traveled to Arrowwood's keep, and secretly replaced the archer's bowstring with the magic silk. When Arrowwod tried to draw the bow, his heart shattered, and he crumbled into dust. The gothi bound his bow in an iron case and buried it in the Nahashin Marshes so that no one could ever use it again.

Damage: 182-184
+95% Armor Penetration
Piercing Arrows
, Forgotten Sanctuary
DAI-UnIque-Greataxe-icon Single IncarnationSingle Incarnation
Unique Greataxe
In Rivain, they tell of a spirit of courage who pined for a mortal life and eventually found a doorway through which he could enter the waking world and be human -- but if he returned to the Fade, he could never again leave. On the very first day of his new life, he discovered the joy of leaping through the air, with no idea that he should fear harm. he flung himself across streams, over fences, and finally across a deep canyon... and plummeted to his death. Some versions of the tale claim that the spirit found his way back across the veil in a different form -- a blade, a bucket, sometimes a ball of twine -- but he never lost his love of leaping.

Damage: 297-304 AoE
+48% Critical Chance
+12% Critical Damage Bonus
Enhanced Basic Attack: your first attack now leaps toward your target if you are between 6 and 12 meters away.
, Hidden Armory

Resources Edit

Prophets Laurel icon Prophet's LaurelProphet's Laurel
Tier 2 Rare Herb
- By the side of the Forgotten Sanctuary
Silverite icon SilveriteSilverite
- By the side of the Forgotten Sanctuary

Codex entries Edit

Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Plan of Attack

Other texts Edit

Text ico An Unknown Agent
Text ico Ancient Mosaics
Text ico Qunari Notes

Dialogue points Edit

Each companion has one dialogue point:

  • Iron Bull - Vine-Covered Tower, first room on the left
  • Sera - Vine-Covered Tower, behind the first building
  • Blackwall - Smoking Tower, on top of the stairs left of the guardian spirits
  • Dorian - Silent Tower, highest level of the tower
  • Varric - Silent Tower
  • Cole - Forgotten Sanctuary, outside the building to the right
  • Cassandra - Hidden Armory
  • Vivienne - Hidden Armory, first room on the right

Notes Edit

  • The eluvian leading from the Vine-Covered Tower to the inaccessible part of the Smoking Tower ("B" on the map) is obscured by crates. They can be broken by a warrior or with the Anchor Blast.
  • After the Inquisitor gets Anchor Blast, they can re-visit the location and clear the rubble on the shore south-west of the Forgotten Sanctuary. The newly discovered passage leads to a treasury within the Hidden Armory with a substantial amount of gold.
  • For the additional puzzle in this see area Lateral Thinker.


References Edit

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