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Elora's Halla

Quest Giver:

Elora's Halla is a side quest located in the Dalish Camp. Elora, the elf in charge of the clan's halla, believes one of the beasts to be sick with lycanthropy, but is unable to find a bite mark, or calm the distraught halla enough to ask it what is wrong. Talking to Elora in the Dalish Camp triggers this quest.

Walkthrough Edit

Note: If you start this quest, choose to ally with the werewolves, and kill all the Dalish elves, this quest will remain in your quest log and you will not be able to complete it.

There are a few different ways to resolve this quest, each with their own set of skill requirements. For instance, if you have two ranks or more in the Survival skill, you can calm the halla enough for Elora to discern what is wrong. Alternatively, Elora can be lied to and persuaded to kill the halla if the player has at least two ranks in Coercion.

Depending on the approach, this quest can conclude in one of three ways:

  • Succeeding at calming the halla will allow Elora to talk to the halla and discern the true problem: that it is in fact the halla's mate that is sick (any member of the party with two ranks in survival should be able to do this). As a result the halla is saved.
  • Pretending to examine or examining the halla and then continuing to lie to Elora will convince her to put the halla out of its misery, assuming the necessary coercion check is passed.
  • Trying to lie and failing to pass the coercion check will cause Elora to cease speaking to the Warden.
Note: If you initiate this quest via the dialogue, "So why have you separated this one from the others?", you automatically receive 200 XP. Upon completion, you get additional 200 XP or none, depending on your actions.

Result Edit

  • If the creature is saved by successfully calming it, you get 200 XP.
  • If the halla is "put out of its misery," Elora will give the Warden the halla's antlers. These can then be taken to Varathorn to be converted into an amulet: Halla Horn (+10 mental resistance), which in turn can be traded with the Mad Hermit. No experience is rewarded.
  • If you try to deceive Elora and fail, the quest will end as Elora will refuse to speak with you again and the Dalish will express confusion at you trying to deceive Elora.

Clan attitude Edit

This quest gives opportunities to affect the Clan Attitude global variable, which is a measure of the clan's approval of you.

  • Choosing the options, <act>Pretend to examine the halla.</act> followed by <act>Lie</act> You are right. This animal is suffering. requires a Persuasion level of 4 to be successful. Failing the check decreases Clan Attitude.
  • Choosing the option, <act>Try to calm the halla.</act> and successfully passing the Survival check increases Clan Attitude.

Bugs Edit

  • In older versions of the PC game, it was only possible to calm the halla if a companion had two ranks in survival: The Warden's survival skills did not count. This has been fixed in the 1.02 patch.
  • If you finish this quest before speaking to Lanaya or Sarel, they will skip their rather elaborate and interesting introductory dialogues, simply stating that they heard of your treating of the Halla.

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