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Elemental Requirements is a side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, granted by Herren in order to better arm the soldiers of Vigil's Keep against the expected darkspawn invasion. However, he is lacking in materials. He has therefore asked the Warden-Commander to look for metal deposits that he can use to upgrade the soldiers' equipment.

Walkthrough Edit

Throughout your travels, be on the lookout for these three items:

Icon iron ore Iron OreIron Ore
Plot item
A lump of rock banded with iron.
: Forge area at Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter (not to be confused with Pure Iron, which is bought from Glassric and used for Golem's Might)
Veridium ore Veridium OreVeridium Ore
Plot item
A lump of rock banded with veridium.
: Underneath Vigil's Keep
Icon silverite ore Silverite OreSilverite Ore
Plot item
A lump of rock banded with silverite.
: In the Silverite Mine in the Wending Wood

Results Edit

The soldiers will be better equipped for the attack on Vigil's Keep. This may affect the outcome of the battle and the ending you receive.

Rewards Edit

  • 500 XP for returning each ore to Herren.
  • 500 XP for completing this side quest.

Notes Edit

  • If you don't collect the silverite ore while in the Silverite Mine during The Righteous Path, you will not be able to obtain the ore and complete this side quest - the mine cannot be accessed again after completing the Righteous Path.
    • pcIcon pcYou can use the console to warp yourself in the Silverite Mine to collect the ore. However, you have to select to warp in the Architect's Lab, not Silverite Mine, as the latter gets you into the trap room.
    • pcIcon pcYou can use the console and the AddItem mod and put the ore into your inventory, then talk to Herren.
  • This is one of three side quests in Awakening that needs to be completed to earn The Enduring Vigil achievement.

Bugs Edit

  • It is possible to not be able to complete this quest if you attempt to turn in the quest and have multiple ores in your inventory. To avoid this, turn in each ore as you get it.
  • Vigil's soldiers may randomly change armour from one material to another (e.g., silverite to iron).
  • The quest log will always show what you've turned in last. For example, if you have cleared the basement before heading to the Wending Wood and you've turned in the veridium ore and then went to the Wending Wood and turned in the silverite ore, your quest log will state, "You found a deposit of Silverite Ore that Wade can use to make armor for your soldiers. Keep looking for other metals."

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