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Lady Elegant is a herbalist, and an acquaintance of Hawke.

Background Edit

Nothing is known about her past, except for the fact that she used to make potions for both Athenril and her smugglers and Meeran's mercenary company, the Red Iron. As a result, she crossed paths with Hawke during their year in indentured servitude. By 9:31 she has recently married a nobleman, and she asks Hawke to call her "Lady Elegant" when they meet again in Lowtown.

Involvement Edit

She crafts potions for Hawke in Lowtown. She also gives Hawke the Recipe: Elfroot Potion for free.

Elegant has garnered enough status to be invited as a guest of Duke Prosper to Chateau Haine. She greets Hawke warmly and gives a rundown of the party guests, advising them to avoid making eye contact with Babette and Fifi de Launcet.

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