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Eldest Dragonbone is a plot item in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Acquisition Edit

The bone is a reward for completing The Lost Dragon Bones. It is found in the Blackmarsh, in the Dragonbone Rubble after defeating the Queen of the Blackmarsh. The "Dragonbone Rubble" is easily missed, and is located behind the dragon's dead body, if you are standing in the entrance to the "battle area".

Involvement Edit

Ico Quest Worked to the Bone: If you give the bone to Master Wade, he will craft something superb for you, but you will need a Diamond, Greater Warmth Balm, Grandmaster Flame Rune, and a Fresh Dragon Egg (found in the Silverite Mine). When you're ready, Wade will craft either the Vigilance longsword or greatsword.

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