Dusty Traveler's Armguards are gloves in the Legacy DLC in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

Found in a random location during Legacy.

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Light boots green DA2 Dusty Traveler's SlippersDusty Traveler's Slippers
Light boots
Silver Threaded
Requires: X magic
Y willpower

Armor: Varies
Randomly selected from:
+(3.6 + 0.09 * LVL)% fire damage
Blood Magic: Each point of health provides 0.25 additional mana
+(0.72 + 0.72 * LVL) mana
Light helmet green DA2 Dusty Traveler's HoodDusty Traveler's Hood
Light helmet
Silver Threaded
Requires: 27 magic
16 willpower

Armor: 94