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Dunwich is Baron Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan's scribe.

Involvement Edit

Splr dai
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for Dragon Age: Inquisition.
Dunwich came to the Frostback Basin along with his employer, Baron Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan, in search of the legendary Nox Morta. While helping the Inquisition keeping beasts away from their camps, the two men are separated. The baron asks the Inquisitor to try and find him while putting up the herb wards, though he fears that his scribe might already be dead. Dunwich is actually quite safe, and can be found during Beasts at Bay at the western most herb location, unsurprised at his master's overreaction. He then returns to their camp on the Basin Floor.

Quests Edit

Quest icon DAI Beasts at Bay
Quest icon DAI The Nox Morta

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