Duncan's Shield is a heavy shield in Dragon Age: Origins.

Background Edit

The Warden has the option to speak with Alistair about the subject of Grey Wardens. During this conversation, if the Warden asks about Duncan, Alistair will reveal that he wished he had something of Duncan's to remember him by. Duncan's Shield is a gift that can fulfill that desire.

Acquisition Edit

See Grey Warden Vault for details.

Heraldry Edit

Bugs Edit

  • If you give the gift to Alistair after the Landsmeet while at Redcliffe Castle, the scene does not appear until you continue the quest in Riordan's room. He will automatically equip the shield for the next battle at Denerim (when not in the party). If he had a two-handed weapon equipped (bow or sword), Alistair will be forced to fight with just the shield.
  • Duncan's Shield glitches like Fade Wall in Awakening and sits the wrong way on your back making it impossible to use.