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Duncan's Dagger is a dagger in the Return to Ostagar DLC for Dragon Age: Origins. It is one of the blades belonging to Duncan, the Warden-Commander of Ferelden at the onset of the Fifth Blight.

Acquisition Edit

It can be looted from the corpse of the Risen ogre.

Notes Edit

  • It is likely that this is one of the daggers given to Duncan along with Gift of the Grey from his Warden-Commander Genevieve in the book The Calling, as emphasized by its additional damage to dragons. In the book, Duncan helps to slay a High dragon with his daggers.
  • It is possible to upgrade this dagger by leaving it in the Party Storage Chest (Warden's Keep DLC) or by selling it to Mikhael Dryden.
  • Duncan's Dagger will import over to Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.
  • The image depicts this dagger on Red Steel (tier 5) material and the value listed on the page is about this material as well.
  • Although Duncan uses a set of Crow Daggers for killing the Ogre his sword and dagger can still be looted from the Risen ogre's corpse.

See also Edit

Starfang Duncan's SwordDuncan's Sword
Varies (Tier 5-7)
Requires: 25-31 strength

Damage: 11.20
Critical chance: 3.20%
Armor penetration: 4.00
Strength modifier: 1.00
+3 willpower
+3 cunning
+2/+4 stamina regeneration in combat
+4 damage vs. darkspawn

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