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Duelist is one of the specializations available for the rogue class in Dragon Age: Origins, which focuses on face-to-face combat.

Talents Edit

Talent-Dueling icon Dueling
Range: Personal
Upkeep: 30
Fatigue: 5%
Cooldown: 5s
The duelist focuses on proper form, gaining a bonus to attack while the mode is active. Keen Defense adds a bonus to defense while in this mode.
Talent-UpsetBalance icon Upset Balance
Range: Personal
Activation: 25
Cooldown: 15s
Requires: Level 12
The duelist executes a quick move that throws the opponent off balance, imposing penalties to movement speed and defense unless the target passes a physical resistance check.
Talent-KeenDefense icon Keen Defense
Requires: Level 14
The duelist has an uncanny knack for simply not being there when the enemy attacks, receiving a bonus to defense.
Talent-PinpointStrike icon Pinpoint Strike
Range: Personal
Activation: 60
Cooldown: 180s
Requires: Level 16
The duelist has learned to strike the vitals of an enemy with pinpoint accuracy and from any angle. For a moderate duration, all successful attacks generate automatic critical hits.

Unlocking Edit

Duelist can be unlocked by talking to Isabela in The Pearl, a brothel in Denerim. She must be persuaded, seduced or beat in a card game to get her to teach the specialization. If you are trying to beat her in a card game, keep trying even if you lose. Eventually, Leliana or Zevran will offer to help you and then you will beat her.

Notes Edit

  • Beating Isabela by catching her hand as she draws cards requires 'medium' Dexterity according to the toolset (at least 20-22 dexterity).
  • Characters with at least one point in Stealing can steal winning cards from the deck if they shuffle or cut the deck - enough to win the game.
  • With a sufficient Cunning score (20-30 CUN) the player can accuse her of drawing on cards she has held back.
  • With a point in Stealth it is possible to look at her hand.
  • It is easier to catch Isabela cheating during the second round of the game, owing to her "running out of ale."
  • If you "take a break" from the game and return only to fail at beating her a second time, she will no longer be willing to teach the specialization.
  • Seducing Isabela and avoiding Wicked Grace altogether requires 75 Cunning or 3 points in the coercion skill.

References Edit

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