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For the crafting material in Dragon Age: Inquisition, see Drakestone (Inquisition).

Drakestone is a plot item in Dragon Age II.

Background Edit

Drakestone is a yellowish rock found in mines and dragon lairs. According to Anders, Tevinters used to mine it for their apothecaries.

Acquisition Edit

Travel to the The Bone Pit, where you enter the Drakestone Mines to find five samples of drakestone.

Involvement Edit

Acquiring this item is part of the quest Justice (quest).

Trivia Edit

Drakestone's status as a yellow rock and its relation to dragons and fire could relate it to sulfur, a key ingredient in gunpowder. Considering the other mineral the player gathers for Anders is sela petrae, likely a reference to saltpeter, this is much more likely.

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