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Dragon Hunter is a collection in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Kill every known high dragon in Ferelden and Orlais.

Acquisition Edit

The collection triggers when a high dragon is defeated.

Walkthrough Edit

This collection is completed when all 10 high dragons are defeated:

  1. Fereldan Frostback - The Hinterlands (level 12)
  2. Northern Hunter - Crestwood (level 13)
  3. Abyssal High Dragon - The Western Approach (level 14)
  4. Gamordan Stormrider - Exalted Plains (level 15)
  5. Greater Mistral - Emerald Graves (level 17)
  6. Hivernal - Emprise Du Lion (level 19)
  7. Vinsomer - The Storm Coast, on Dragon Island (level 19)
  8. Sandy Howler - The Hissing Wastes (level 20)
  9. Kaltenzahn - Emprise Du Lion (level 21)
  10. Highland Ravager - Emprise Du Lion (level 23)

Hakkon Wintersbreath - Frostback Basin (level 25) Requires Jaws of Hakkon DLC

Rewards Edit

  • 500 influence

Results Edit

Gallery Edit

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