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Area-Circle Tower

Kinloch Hold, a Circle of Magi in Ferelden

Project Kinloch Hold is intended to help contributors to quickly check if some infobox fields are either missing or incorrect for items appearing in any Dragon Age game series. For example, this can help users to quickly determine if a page is missing an image in the infobox. As such, the project is not an actual community project, but rather a reference to help expand the wiki.

Everything is automatically generated through DPL by pulling pages in their respective category: the pages need to be created, but the tables for this project do not need to be maintained.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

The pages includes Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening items, but excludes items from DLC campaigns like Witch Hunt.

Type Category Overview Articles
Amulets Origins (Awakening) Overview 46 (13)
Belts Origins (Awakening) Overview 36 (14)
Rings Origins (Awakening) Overview 50 (25)

Dragon Age II Edit

Note: For shields, see also Metal shields and Round shields. For convenience, they are dumped together.
Type Category Overview Articles
Amulets Category Overview 67
Belts Category Overview 51
Rings Category Overview 69
Shields Category Overview 40

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