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For other uses, see Item.

This page refers to items for Dragon Age II that are listed in the 'Usable Item' menu. There are 4 main types: potions, poisons, grenades, and tomes.

Potions Edit

Item Name Effects
Avernus's Experimental Draught +2 attribute points
Cooldown: 2s
Elixir of Arcane Technique Spell/talent points: +1
Cooldown: 1s (Mage only)
Elixir of Heroism Level: +1 for all party members
Cooldown: 300s
Elixir of Physical Technique Spell/talent points: +1
Cooldown: 1s (Rogue or Warrior only)
Elixir of Purity Damage +10% vs. darkspawn
Duration: 30 minutes
Cooldown: 300 seconds
Elfroot Potion Health regeneration: 80%
Injuries: -1
Cooldown: 30s
Greater Elixir of the Mortal Vessel +2 attribute points
Health Potion Health regeneration: 60%
Cooldown: 30s
Injury Kit Injuries: -1
Cooldown: 1s
Life Ward Potion Health regeneration: 40% when ward is triggered
Duration: 20 minutes
Cooldown: 300 seconds
Lyrium Potion Mana regeneration: 40%
Cooldown: 30s
Mighty Offense Potion Damage: +10%
Duration: 3 minutes
Cooldown: 30 minutes
Restoration Potion Health regeneration: 80%
Mana/stamina regeneration: 40%
Cooldown: 30s
Rock Armor Potion Damage resistance: +10%
Duration: 30 minutes
Cooldown: 300s
Stamina Draught Stamina regeneration: 40%
Cooldown: 30s

Poisons Edit

Item Name Effects
Arcane Poison Enemy magic resistance: -15%
Coating duration: 30 minutes
Cooldown: 30s
Crow Venom Enemy attack speed: -25%
Enemy movement speed: -25%
Coating duration: 30 minutes
Cooldown: 30s
Deathroot Toxin +(0.5 * LVL) nature damage
Debilitating Poison Enemy damage: -15%
Fell Poison +(0.01 * user's health) physical damage

+(0.01 * user's maximum health) health regeneration rate

Grenades Edit

Item Name Effects
Combustion Grenade
Fell Grenade
Mythal's Favor Revives fallen companions
Tar Bomb Enemy attack speed: 0%
Enemy movement speed: 0%
Size: 6m
Cooldown: 60s

Tomes Edit

Item Name Effects
Arcane Tome of the Mortal Vessel Attribute points: +3
Greater Tome of the Mortal Vessel (Dragon Age II) Attribute points: +2
Tome of the Mortal Vessel Attribute points: +1
Lothering's Lament 2500 experience points
Of Things Not Lost +3 runes.
The Far Cliffs of Kirkwall +5 DAO goldpiece trans
Tome of Technique Spell/talent points: +1 (Rogue or Warrior only)

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