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Dragon Age II BioWare Signature Edition was the physical media's premium edition of the game Dragon Age II that was available as a free upgrade if Dragon Age II was pre-ordered before January 11, 2011 for any platform. It was available from GameStop, Amazon, Electronics Boutique, and the EA store on October 14th, 2010 in a limited release, officially until January 11th, 2011. The Black Emporium (DLC) is sold separately, as well as the other contents when the SE is no longer available.[1]

Contents Edit

Signature Edition

Dragon Age II Signature Edition

Besides the base game, the Dragon Age II BioWare Signature Edition comes with:

Items Edit

The following items are available in this premium content.

Longbow green DA2 Adder of AntivaAdder of Antiva
Gilt Beech
Requires: Archery

Damage: 64 physical damage
(60 per second)
Rune slot
+5% attack speed
+13 nature damage
Staff green DA2 Apostate's CourageApostate's Courage

Damage: 22 cold damage
(30 per second)
Rune slot
+13% cold damage
+422 cold resistance
Greatsword green DA2 Might of the StenMight of the Sten
Requires: Two-handed

Damage: 20 physical damage
(33 per second)
Rune slot Rune slot
+5% attack speed
Ring green DA2 Ring of ResilienceRing of Resilience

+1 to all attributes
+2% magic resistance
Shield green DA2 Seeker's BulwarkSeeker's Bulwark
Metal Shield
Red Steel

Armor: 79
Rune slot
+8 armor
+6% magic resistance

References Edit

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