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Dragon Age: Origins: Prima Official Game Guide is the official strategy guide to Dragon Age: Origins. It is authored by Mike Searle and published by Prima. The guide contains information for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 variants of the game.

Collector's Edition Edit


Dragon Age: Origins: Prima Official Game Guide

Dragon Age: Origins: Prima Official Game Guide was also available in a Collector's Edition variant. The Collector's Edition variant has a hard cover and was a limited release.

Its ISBN codes are ISBN 0-7615-6246-X (ISBN-10) and ISBN 978-0-7615-6246-7 (ISBN-13). It contains 408 pages and is 72 pages longer than the regular version. It was first published November 3, 2009.[1]

Content Edit

The guide covers many of the aspects of the game including:

  • Essentials: Over 300 pages packed with every quest, NPC, monster, and item across the world of Ferelden! Includes information for both "The Stone Prisoner" and "Warden's Keep" add-ons.
  • Classes: Complete ascension guides with level-by-level tips on how to maximize a warrior, mage, or rogue class!
  • Maps: Over 100 jam-packed maps displaying every critical piece of information!
  • Walkthrough: Detailed walkthroughs to master all quests, puzzles, and pivotal story choices!
  • Equipment: Full equipment lists to gear out your PCs!
  • Bestiary: Comprehensive bestiary with everything from arcane horrors to werewolves!
  • Combat: Expert tactics to conquer the intricacies of combat!

References Edit

  1. Dragon Age: Origins Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game Guide

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