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The Diligence armor set is a heavy armor item set that combines decent defense with a boost to willpower. Warriors that find themselves in need of willpower boost will find this armor useful if they wish to stay away from massive armor sets, due to the large amount of fatigue they incur.

Details Edit

Name Armor
Fatigue Runes Enhancements Notes
Armor of Diligence
Requires: 34 strength
13.12 17.50% 2 +0.5/+1 health regeneration in combat
+2 armor
Found on a knight's corpse in Ruined Temple during The Urn of Sacred Ashes
Gloves of Diligence
Requires: 34 strength
2.10 2.19% 0 +4 armor Found in a locked chest within the Orzammar Shaperate.
Boots of Diligence
Requires: 34 strength
2.63 2.81% 0 +6 defense
+2 armor
Sold by Owen in his forge in Redcliffe only if Valena has been saved in Lost in the Castle.
Set bonus 0 +5 willpower

Notes Edit

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