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Below is a list of the known developers involved in making Dragon Age: Origins.

Animators Edit

  • John Santos – Lead In-Game Animator
  • Clove Roy – In-Game Animator

Artists Edit

  • Dean Andersen – Art Director - The previous BioWare games he has worked on are Shattered Steel, Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate: Tales of the Sword Coast, Baldur's Gate II, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire.
  • Matt Rhodes – Associate Art Director
  • Shane Hawco – Lead Character Artist
  • Ian Stubbington – Lead Artist
  • Jae Keum – Character Artist
  • Andrew Eric Knight

Audio Edit

  • Simon Pressey – Audio Director

Musicians Edit

Designers Edit

Localization Coordinators Edit

  • Marcel Elsner
  • Daniel Harty
  • Marco Nicolino
  • Nadine Wagner

Marketing & PR Edit

  • Randall Bishop
  • David S. Silverman – Senior Director of Marketing

Producers Edit

  • Mark Darrah – Executive Producer
  • Dan Tudge – Executive Producer (left project before release)
  • Fernando Melo – Online Producer
  • Rob Bartel
  • Dan Lazin

Programmers Edit

  • Ross Gardner – Principal Lead Programmer
  • Dave Hill – Senior Programmer
  • Scott Meadows – Senior Programmer
  • Jose Ilitzky
  • Hesky Fisher

Quality Assurance Edit

  • William Brewer – Lead QA Compliance Analyst
  • Nathan Frederick – Lead Quality Assurance Tester
  • Matthew McGillivray – Lead Tester, EA Canada

Technical Designers Edit

  • Georg Zoeller – Lead Systems Designer
  • Cori May

Translators Edit

  • Albion Localisations (Poland)
  • Robert Böck (Germany)
  • CEET Ltd. (Czech Republic – Dragon Age: Origins only)
  • ExeQuo (France)
  • Fontoló Stúdió Ltd. (Hungary – Dragon Age: Origins only)
  • András Gáspár (Hungary Project Manager)
  • ITI Ltd. (Russia)
  • Emanuele Scichilone (Italy Project Manager)
  • Synthesis International (Italy, Spain)
  • Florian Vanino (Germany)

Voice Recording Edit

  • Anakan GmbH (Germany)
  • ArcTV Ltd. (Russia – Dragon Age: Origins only)
  • ExeQuo (France)
  • Pomann Sound (New York)
  • Rec Games Sonido (Madrid)
  • Side UK (London)
  • Start International Polska (Poland – Dragon Age: Origins only)
  • Studiopolis (Los Angeles)
  • Technicolor Interactive Services (Burbank – Dragon Age: Origins only)
  • toneworx GmbH (Germany – Dragon Age: Origins only)
  • Wolf Willow Sound (Edmonton)

Writers Edit