Originally thought to be variants of sloth demons, despair demons have been classified as perverted spirits of hope.

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Once upon a time, we classified these as demons of sloth, but we learned that despair demons are something quite different. They are not the antithesis of justice or valor, but rather of hope. They form nightmares tearing away the foundations of self and purpose. When brought into the world, they are most attracted to places the downtrodden populate: alienages, slums, prisons, and the like. The miasma they spread can lead to extreme behavior. We look for a rash of unexplained suicides, men and women so filled with grief they lash out. The most intelligent of these creatures are to be feared, for they not only feed on despair, they understand its causes... and seek to bring it about. From the shadows they ruin lives, drinking the tears of those who have no idea the cause of their misery is not random chance. —From a lecture by renowned hunter, Ser Hayward of the Templar Order
—From Codex entry: Despair Demon

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The despair demon is dressed in tattered black hood and robes. Its skin is grey and very loose, making it appear like a shaved mouse or a rat. To add credence to this, its face has small, mouse-like eyes, a wide mouth, and large rodent-like incisors which are all covered by its hand while not in combat. It also has unusually large feet and hands, which appear deformed in various manners.

Abilities Edit

They prefer to attack from a distance with an ice spike that can be annoying to debilitating in a battle already going poorly if you are attempting to disrupt the rift. They will also frequently dash away when engaged by melee attackers which can prove quite annoying. Their levels range from 12 to 30.

  • Cold Resistance
  • Fire Vulnerability
  • Immunity: Asleep
  • Immunity: Frozen
  • Barrier (Inquisition) Barrier


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Codex icon DAI Codex entry: Despair Demon

Staff of Statis icon Heart of DespairHeart of Despair
Unique Staff
From all around this staff comes a sound like sobbing, and touching it brings to mind the loneliest moments of one's life. Energy from the Fade ripples away as it moves, like fingers stirring still water.
Requires: Level 19

Damage: 79-81 Cold
+7% Attack
+48 Magic
Permafrost: all nearby enemies are constantly chilled; grants 50% bonus resistance to cold and physical damage