The Deserted Building becomes available (on the Denerim City Map) after finding the journal of the dead templar in the Run-Down Back Street. The building itself consists of several large rooms and is home to numerous blood mages and mercenaries.

Quests Edit

Ico Quest The Last Request

Enemies Edit

Map deserted building

Map of the area

Notable items Edit

Ico ring Dalish BatteryDalish Battery
A spiraling weave of lyrium circles the band of this ring, somehow drawing and storing energy from the very air.

+10% electricity damage
Ico amulet Magister's ShieldMagister's Shield
The air around this simple silver chain seems to shimmer slightly, and the chain itself feels weighty, as if it were something far more substantial.

+6 defense
+12 defense against missiles
+4% spell resistance

-10% nature resistance
Plt ico key treasury Bedroom KeyBedroom Key
An ornate brass key.

Special objects Edit