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Situated at the junction of the north and west roads to the city, north of the Drakon River that runs through the city, the Denerim City Gates are the main entrance to the Ferelden capital city of Denerim.

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

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for Dragon Age: Origins.

During The Final Battle of the Fifth Blight, The Warden must rid the Gates of the overwhelming Darkspawn and then they must be defended by 4 (or less) of the Companions while the Warden is seeking the Darkspawn Generals.


Denerim City Gates - Map by Gamepressure

Map of the Area

The Darkspawn Chronicles Edit

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for Darkspawn Chronicles.

The Hurlock Vanguard first arrives on the battlefield here, just after the Darkspawn have breached the outer walls. The Vanguard then joins the battle against the city's defenders.

Main Quests

Ico Quest Storm the Gates
Ico Quest Rampage to the Market

Side Quests

Ico Quest Save the Ogre
Ico Quest Earn Respect in Battle
Ico Quest Smash the Barricades
Ico Quest Recruit a Thrall
Ico Quest Kill the Arl


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