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You must think I'm pretty sodding naive, huh? They're all the same: well-dressed, blood-sucking cave ticks.

Denek Helmi serves as House Helmi's deshyr representative in the Orzammar Assembly. Denek Helmi is during the events of the Fifth Blight the youngest deshyr in the Assembly and he along with 79 nobles vote about who will become the next King of Orzammar. Although willing to sell his vote to the highest bidder, he does so only for the sake of his house, and has very little enthusiasm for the cutthroat politics of Orzammar or those who participate in it.

Background Edit

He frequents Tapster's Tavern, socializing and discussing politics with members of the lower castes, much to his mother's consternation. He has very forward-thinking opinions on the dwarven caste system and believes the average citizen is just as capable of governing and fighting as nobles and warriors. Lord Helmi's liberal ideas have earned him the ire of most of the noble caste, a resentment he duly returns.

Quotes Edit

  • "Lord Denek Helmi, honoured deshyr of the Orzammar Assembly, and terrible disappointment to my esteemed mother, who doesn't approve of me spending time in taverns".

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