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Defending the Land

Defending the land
Seneschal Varel

Defending the Land is quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. It is acquired while speaking to Lord Eddelbrek during the Oaths of Fealty quest.

There are too few soldiers to patrol the entire Arling and the Warden must decide how to use the soldiers of Amaranthine.

Walkthrough Edit

When you are ready speak to Varel and make your choice. You have 5 options.

  • "The orders stand. The city must be protected."
  • "Amaranthine has its walls. Let the farms have our soldiers."
  • "Trade must flow. We need supplies to fight the darkspawn."
  • "Let's do our best to protect them all."

Results Edit

  • If you choose Captain Garevel he will assign soldiers to defend the city above all else.
  • If you choose to assign soldiers to defend the trade routes, then your merchants will have more goods to sell.
  • If you choose the soldiers to defend your farms the epilogue will mention that a great deal of damage to the farmlands was mitigated thanks to the soldiers.
  • Choosing the last option states you'll try to protect everything.

Notes Edit

  • Defending the trade routes results in the merchant Yuriah gaining new wares, but at the cost of darkspawn overwhelming the lands.

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