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Defending the Land

Defending the land

Defending the Land is side quest in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. It is acquired while speaking to Lord Eddelbrek during the Oaths of Fealty quest.

There are too few soldiers to patrol the entire Arling and The Warden-Commander must decide how to use the soldiers of Amaranthine.

Walkthrough Edit

When you are ready speak to Varel and make your choice. You have 5 options.

  • "I leave this to Captain Garevel." (he will choose Amaranthine)
  • "The orders stand. The city must be protected."
  • "Amaranthine has its walls. Let the farms have our soldiers."
  • "Trade must flow. We need supplies to fight the darkspawn."
  • "Let's do our best to protect them all."

Results Edit

  • If you choose Captain Garevel he will assign soldiers to defend the city above all else.
  • If you choose to assign soldiers to defend the trade routes, then your merchants will have more goods to sell.
  • If you choose the soldiers to defend your farms the epilogue will mention that a great deal of damage to the farmlands was mitigated thanks to the soldiers.
  • Choosing the last option states you'll try to protect everything.

Notes Edit

  • Defending the trade routes results in the merchant Yuriah gaining new wares, but at the cost of darkspawn overwhelming the lands.

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