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Deep Roads Grotto is a section of the Deep Roads right outside of the Amgarrak Thaig.

Involvement Edit

Ico Quest In Search of Amgarrak
Ico Quest The Runic Golem
Deep Roads Grotto Map

Map of the Area

Enemies Edit

Near entrance:

Mist-Filled Chamber:

Ritual Site:

PS3 bug - Sometimes when entering the Ritual Site enemies will not be present and you will not be able to continue. Reloading the save just before this and unsummoning Snug corrects this issue.

Notable items Edit

Icon golem control rod Golem Control RodGolem Control Rod
Plot item
The origins and meaning of this thing are a mystery.
, found in the west alcove of the mist-filled chamber
Ico boots light Mage's Running BootsMage's Running Boots
Light boots
Dragon Wing (Tier 8)

Armor: 2.50
Fatigue: 0.63%
+10% chance to dodge attacks
Chance to avoid missile attacks
, found on a charred corpse, presumably Nereda

Objects Edit

  • Runic Golem, found in the east alcove of the mist-filled chamber
  • Rune Anvil, found in the west alcove of the mist-filled chamber

Notes Edit

  • Tripwire at the entrance to mist-filled chamber
  • Glyph of Paralysis traps x3, around the ritual site; can be disarmed by a stealthed rogue before combat begins; after combat begins, the Revenant almost always pulls party members into them

Trivia Edit

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