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Deep Roads Expeditions: Heidrun Thaig Lower Bridge is an expedition table scouting operation in The Descent DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

Find and unlock the operation in the Ruins of Heidrun Thaig in the Deep Roads.

Operation text Edit

The Inquisition has identified an ancient dwarven ruin near the darkspawn nests at the bottom of Heidrun Thaig. A bridge could be built to access this ruin.

Advisor suggestions Edit

Connections - Power Cost: 8

Let us ensure that the construction team has the supplies they need to build the bridge quickly, before the darkspawn notice.

Secrets - Power Cost: 8

An agent knowledgeable about the Deep Roads can keep the construction team away from the worst of the darkspawn nests.

Forces - Power Cost: 8

Our troops know how to handle darkspawn that might threaten the construction efforts.

Result Edit

The construction team completed a bridge near the darkspawn nests in the ruins of Heidrun Thaig that will allow Inquisition forces to explore the ancient dwarven ruin at the bottom of the cavern. Make sure to be well equipped for a fight.

Rewards Edit

  • Access to an area in the Heidrun Thaig

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