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Decide the Anchoress' fate is a limited event card in Dragon Age: The Last Court.

Description Edit

What will you do with her? The child of the Shame - an Apostate - harbored in Serault's woods...

Available actions Edit


Imprison her
She will be your gift to the Divine; proof of Serault's penitence.
(Uses 1 action)
Result: The Anchoress is imprisoned and handed over to Divine Justinia V to be made Tranquil.


Banish her
And hide the evidence that she was ever here...
(Uses 1 action)
Result: The Anchoress leaves Serault and all trace of her existence is removed.


Invite her to live at the Chateau
Whatever else she is, she's family.
(Uses 1 action)
Result: The Anchoress will be brought to the Chateau to live with her kin.


Defer your decision
There's time, yet.
(Uses 1 action)
The Anchoress

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