Deathroot is an ingredient used in poison-making and trap-making to craft consumables in Dragon Age: Origins.

Involvement Edit

Can be donated to the Allied Supply Crates at party camp for XP and to improve the Dalish elf troops for the final battle.

Uses Edit


Ico crow poison Crow PoisonCrow Poison
This poison is a favorite of the Antivan Crows, whose efficient administration of death has built a nation's reputation.
Ico conc crow poison Concentrated Crow PoisonConcentrated Crow Poison
An enhanced version of the Crow original, this poison turns its victim into a veritable sitting duck for an efficient killer.
Ico deathroot extract Deathroot ExtractDeathroot Extract
Even a quick sniff of this sludge is enough to cause hallucinations.
Ico conc dthroot extract Concentrated Deathroot ExtractConcentrated Deathroot Extract
Although the deep blue-black color is attractive, clothing dyed with this liquid has proven unpopularly fatal to wear.
Ico fleshrot FleshrotFleshrot
The nasty concoction somehow rots flesh while the victim is still alive, accompanied by the usual stench.
Ico quiet death Quiet DeathQuiet Death
A foul mixture of poisons that are each deadly even on their own. Quiet Death is so potent it unnerves even the most experienced assassins.


Ico mild sleeping trap Mild Sleeping Gas TrapMild Sleeping Gas Trap
Even the tiny amount of gas leaking out of this trap causes a tingling sensation.
Ico sleeping trap Sleeping Gas TrapSleeping Gas Trap
The original formulation of this trap induced snoring too often. The new design makes it a more a dignified weapon.
Ico sleeping cloud Sleeping Gas Cloud TrapSleeping Gas Cloud Trap
This trap is swaddled thickly in cloth, lest the owner bump it too hard during transportation and lose half the day to an unwanted nap.

Acquisition Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Alarith Denerim, Alienage x2 1DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Alimar Orzammar, Dust Town x6 1DAO silverpiece trans 40DAO bronzepiece trans
Cesar Denerim, Denerim Market District x4 / x7 ("special stock") 1DAO silverpiece trans 20DAO bronzepiece trans
Ilen Dalish Camp, Dalish Elf Origin x2 1DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Merchant Lothering x7 1DAO silverpiece trans 60DAO bronzepiece trans
Olinda Orzammar Commons, Dwarf Commoner Origin x1 1DAO silverpiece trans 00DAO bronzepiece trans
Quartermaster Ostagar x3 1DAO silverpiece trans 15DAO bronzepiece trans
Varathorn Brecilian Outskirts, Dalish Camp x99 (unlimited) 1DAO silverpiece trans 20DAO bronzepiece trans

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

Merchant Location Quantity Price
Bartender City of Amaranthine, The Crown and Lion Inn x22 1DAO silverpiece trans 10DAO bronzepiece trans
Yuriah Vigil's Keep, Throne Room x14 1DAO silverpiece trans 20DAO bronzepiece trans

Notes Edit

  • There is no merchant in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening that has an unlimited supply of deathroot. If you plan to make poisons or traps that require deathroot in Awakening it is recommended you stock up on it in Dragon Age: Origins before you import your game.

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