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For the spells in other games, see Death Syphon (Origins) and Death Siphon.

Death Syphon is a mage spell from the Spirit tree in Dragon Age II.

Information Edit

  • Mana regeneration: 5% per corpse

Upgrade Edit

Death Syphon DA2 Death Vortex
Requires: Level 9
Requires:3 points in Spirit
Death syphon becomes a vortex that wrings nearby corpses dry, renewing the mage's health and restoring even more mana.

Health regeneration: 5% per corpse

Mana regeneration: +5% per corpse

Notes Edit

  • Health regeneration from the Death Vortex upgrade is negated by the abilities Blood Magic and Blood of the First.
  • Loot will sometimes be lost when this ability consumes an enemy corpse, so be sure to keep an eye on this when fighting bosses with unique loot. If this happens when they have plot items, this may prevent you from progressing in the game.

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