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Dead Drops is a quest received from the Favors for Certain Interested Parties Quest Board at the Gnawed Noble Tavern.

Walkthrough Edit

The objective of this quest is to discreetly drop off "payment" for certain individuals, as contracted out by the rogue "K". The locations the Warden must visit are:

Ico Village Redcliffe Village - Past Owen's blacksmith shop, near Dwyn's house.
Note: This point cannot be accessed during "The Battle of Denerim" quest.
Ico Dock Lake Calenhad Docks - At the The Spoiled Princess inn.
Ico Cave Frostback Mountain Pass - Near Ahren, the dwarf "merchant" who won't trade with you.
Ico Denerim Market District Denerim Market District - Near Cesar and a cage.

After planting the last drop, it will detonate accidentally, and the Warden will realise that the recipients of each drop were to be assassinated.

The Warden will have two choices at this point, either to leave the drops as they are, as suggested by the journal entry, or to return to each and disarm them/poke them with a stick, but either way, they will detonate. (No worries, dog's favorite toy is not used.) Both will have its rewards, but if the Warden chooses to disarm the drops, then K will not offer any more jobs and the final quest will default to Harsh Decisions (provided all the work for "D" has been completed).

The most profitable course of action is to leave them all to detonate, but to complete and turn in False Witness at the same time as this quest. This will default the final quest to Harsh Decisions, during which the Warden sides with "D" to eliminate "K." However, this requires the first two quests for each rogue to be completed immediately and the third for each to be accepted prior to finishing one.

Choosing SidesEdit

If you've been doing quests for both rogues, you'll have to choose for whom you want to complete the fourth quest, as it involves killing that rogue's rival. It's not a choice you make in game, but rather depends on whose quest gets turned in first. Should you turn in both quests at the same time, it will default to Harsh Decisions as mentioned above.

If you wish to leave your decision of which rogue to side with to the absolute last moment while still maximizing your gold, it is best to complete the Denerim drop last and leave Cam of Redside alive while False Witness is active. Then, if you wish to side with "K," turn in Dead Drops, accept New Ground, then kill Cam and turn in False Witness before moving against "D."

If you wish to side with "D," either finish both quests at the same time (but you will only be paid for False Witness), or kill Cam and turn in the False Witnesses quest, accept Harsh Decisions, then finish the fourth drop in Denerim and turn it in, thus getting paid for both quests.

Rewards Edit

Completing Drops

  • ps3Icon ps3
    3DAO goldpiece trans 98DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans and 100 XP
  • 0000039800
    3DAO goldpiece trans 98DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans

Disarming Drops

  • pcIcon pc
    3DAO goldpiece trans 98DAO silverpiece trans 0DAO bronzepiece trans

Warning! Edit

pcIcon pc If you kill K, after you have a run-in with his Lieutenant, the quest cannot be completed

Bugs Edit

- Under the 1.04 version of the game (PC) the Redcliffe dead drop may not be accessible and the quest can not be completed. This is a regression from 1.02a that remains unaddressed by the developer. This seems to have been fixed in version 1.05.

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