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Dead Caste Insignia is a plot item in Dragon Age: Origins.

Acquisition Edit

It is found in a coffin in a tunnel leading to the Broodmother in the Dead Trenches during the Dead Caste side quest after all of the following item have been recovered:

Ico boots massive Boots of the LegionBoots of the Legion
Massive boots
Dragonbone (Tier 7)
Requires: 42 strength

Armor: 3.75
Fatigue: 3.90%
, source: Sarcophagus
Ico gloves massive Gloves of the LegionGloves of the Legion
Massive gloves
Dragonbone (Tier 7)
Requires: 42 strength

Armor: 3.13
Fatigue: 3.90%
+4 attack
, source: Sarcophagus
Ico armor massive Armor of the LegionArmor of the Legion
Massive chestpiece
Dragonbone (Tier 7)
Requires: 42 strength

Armor: 21.88
Fatigue: 27.30%
Rune slot Rune slot Rune slot
+3 willpower
, source: Sarcophagus
Ico helm heavy Helm of the LegionHelm of the Legion
Heavy helmet
Dragonbone (Tier 7)
Requires: 38 strength

Armor: 3.13
Fatigue: 2.92%
, source: Legionnaire Altar
The Dead Caste map

Exact location of each piece

Note: In the image provided, the numbers from one to four are the locations of the aforementioned items in the order that they are listed while the number 5 is the exact location of this plot item.

Notes Edit

  • Once you have received this plot item, interact with the "Memories" book back in the Orzammar Shaperate which is on the right-hand side of the Shaper Czibor in order to complete the quest and gain 100 XP.

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