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Loghain Mac Tir
name: Loghain Mac Tir
rarity: Legendary
faction1: White
faction2: Red
group1: Ferelden
group2: Outlaw
giant: No
ability: Betrayal
ability_desc: Attacks and drains power from an enemy.
ability_speed: Medium
t1power: 250
t1health: 1100
t1powerperlevel: 10
t1healthperlevel: 36
t1maxlevel: 70
t1maxpower: 940
t1maxhealth: 3584
t2power: 300
t2health: 1320
t2powerperlevel: 12
t2healthperlevel: 40
t2maxlevel: 75
t2maxpower: 1188
t2maxhealth: 4280
t3power: 351
t3health: 1544
t3powerperlevel: 15
t3healthperlevel: 48
t3maxlevel: 80
t3maxpower: 1536
t3maxhealth: 5336
t4power: 400
t4health: 1760
t4powerperlevel: 16
t4healthperlevel: 55
t4maxlevel: 85
t4maxpower: 1744
t4maxhealth: 6380

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