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Lord Darvianak Vollney is a dwarf and a member of the noble House Vollney. He is encountered at the Orzammar Proving.

Background Edit

Darvianak is a four time Grand Proving champion, having fought to clear his name in his brother's murder. According to Varick he won the fight in less than fifteen seconds but he refused to say whether he actually committed the murder. Olaniv serves as his second.

Involvement Edit

Darvianak along with Olaniv are only fought in round three if the Warden is fighting independently in the Proving; if he or she is competing as Lord Harrowmont's champion, their third round opponents will be Wojech Ivo and his second Velanz.


Bug icon Bug! The in-game family name of this character is shown as "Volney" instead of "Vollney" which is a mistake. However, when the Proving Master or Varick refer to him, his name is correctly written as Vollney.

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