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Map-Darkspawn Invasion

Map of the area

The Darkspawn Invasion is part of The Fade: Lost in Dreams. The Warden must work through an area overrun with darkspawn.

Characters Edit

  • Templar Spirit: Talking to him grants you the Spirit form. This form is to use spirit doors and essences of spirit. The only form you need to get to him is mouse form.

Enemies Edit

Special objects Edit

  • Mouse Hole You need mouse form to use this.
  • Massive Door You need golem form to open this.
  • Essence of Cunning You can find this object by entering the mouse hole in the first chamber to the right and then following the next mouse hole to the right as well.
  • Font of Strength You can find this object directly north of the starting room with the fade pedestal, locked by a massive door.
  • Essence of Willpower You can find this essence in the room where you gain your Spirit ability. You need to be in spirit form to use it.

Gallery Edit

Involvement Edit

Exits Edit

Note Edit

Riordan said darkspawn are soulless creatures. Ones in this level are demon creations based on Warden's memories.

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