Dark Epiphany is an Act 1 side quest in Dragon Age II.

Acquisition Edit

You must have imported a save from Dragon Age: Origins with Warden's Keep in which you spared Avernus (note that placing restrictions on his research affects only the text of the codex entry and nothing else about the quest). Playing through Awakening is not required. If you have, you will find the body of a messenger surrounded by bandits and spiders in the northwestern pass of the Wounded Coast. Loot the body to start the quest. It will contain:

Plot item DA2 Grey Warden DocumentsGrey Warden Documents
Plot item
Light gloves silver DA2 Silverite-Threaded GlovesSilverite-Threaded Gloves
Light gloves
Silver Threaded
Requires: 18 magic
13 willpower

Armor: 18
+5 mana/stamina
+1 mana/stamina regeneration rate
Elixir Avernus's Experimental DraughtAvernus's Experimental Draught
Whoever consumes this elixir gains greater mastery over the body's potential.

Attribute points: +2
Cooldown: 1s

Attribute points: +2

Walkthrough Edit

The documents will contain a number of letters.

The first letter is from the Warden Commander of Ferelden telling the messenger to immediately take the enclosed letters to Weisshaupt Fortress, relying on a contact in Kirkwall who can be contacted through a dead drop in Lowtown during the day if the road from Kirkwall is blocked or too dangerous. The second is from Avernus to the Warden Commander of Ferelden vaguely discussing important details of his enclosed and cyphered research, inspired by information given to him about The Architect, which he feels the First Warden must be made aware of as soon as possible.

To complete the quest, simply travel to the alley next to The Foundry in Lowtown during the day. The dead drop will be surrounded by another group of bandits. Kill them, and deliver the letters.

Result Edit

Following the completion of the quest, Hawke will receive a letter of thanks along with some gold.

Rewards Edit

Letter icon DA2 Dark Epiphany
  • 2 DAO goldpiece trans 50 DAO silverpiece trans (pcIcon pc confirmed) sent to your home attached to a letter from the Grey Wardens. (2 DAO goldpiece trans in version 1.02)
  • 2 attribute points from the potion found on the messenger.

See also Edit

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